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“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”  Hippocrates                                                                                                  

Naturopathic, nutritional and alternative holistic healing serving Plano, Texas and surrounding areas.

Dr. Sharon Rabb is both a naturopath and a clinical nutritionist specializing in alternative modalities for natural holistic healing. The doctor has over 25 years experience in the fields of alternative healthcare and nutrition. She has degrees in both public health clinical nutrition and naturopathy. She utilizes knowledge and experience in both conventional and alternative healthcare to facilitate the best outcomes in naturopathic and holistic healing.  
Dr. Rabb uses potent botanical herbs, functional vitamins and minerals, nutrition, glandulars, protomorphogens (see articles on drsharonrabb.com), Rife technology, cranial sacral therapy, and diet counseling to help individuals achieve a balanced lifestyle and optimal wellness.  Dr. Rabb creates highly effective programs customized for the person’s individual needs.                                                                                     
Dr. Rabb believes in a step by step approach to wellness and optimal health. These steps include: facilitating digestive health, improving the assimilation of foods, liver and general detoxification, and balancing the endocrine system and nutritionally supporting the organs the endocrines backup. The body has an amazing capacity to heal if it is given the proper nutrients. Healing can also involve lifestyle changes such as stress reduction, diet, sleep patterns, exercise and attitude. That is what holistic healing is, supporting the whole body with a number of different natural modalities. Most chronic illnesses are nutritionally based and can be significantly helped with correct nutrition. Dr. Rabb believes that most of us suffer from nutrient malnutrition and surfeit of empty calories. Even if weight is not an issue malnourishment can still be present.                                                                                                                                 

The initial visit with Dr. Rabb covers your medical, genetic, and dietary histories. These histories give the doctor critical information needed to be able to design your individual natural protocol and necessary lifestyle modifications. These consultations are interactive because both Dr. Rabb and the individual work together to create a program that best “fits” that person’s needs. Dr. Rabb believes that healing is a process and involves various stages of healing. She first looks at digestive health and nutrient assimilation to support that process. She believes that most individuals need detoxification before rebuilding the body takes place. The final process is balancing the internal organs and glands to facilitate the body healing itself.

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