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At Dallas Naturopathy, Dr. Sharon Rabb, Holistic Practitioner

specializes in natural alternative naturopathic healing, holistic health and wellness, and clinical nutrition serving Plano, Richardson, and the greater Dallas area. Naturopathy is healing your body through life-style changes, nutrition, supplements, herbs and energy wellness techniques. Our goal at Dallas Naturopathy is to support you in your journey toward holistic wellness making your health a priority. The naturopathic approach to healing is finding the root of the problem and then to assist your body to heal from the inside out. This is accomplished by assisting you to restore and maintain health and vitality through the use of natural, holistic, naturopathic, nutritional counseling, and alternative modalities.

The Consultation

At Dallas Naturopathy, Dr. Sharon Rabb will begin with an extensive interview and look at the individual holistically. Dr. Sharon Rabb will analyze the underlying nutritional supportive modalities emphasizing the self-healing process through holistic, naturopathic, and alternative healing. Individual programs are customized for adults and children to reach optimal health and wellness.
Located in Plano, Texas serving the Dallas area and offering support by phone nationwide. Contact Dr. Sharon Rabb at Dallas Naturopathy.

Clinical Nutrition

Having advanced training in nutrition, Dr. Sharon Rabb will use the most effective strategies to guid you to optimal health and help you with all dietary concerns. Her effective and unique holistic approach at Dallas Naturopathy creates total nutritional support for your wellness program.

At Dallas Naturopathy, Dr. Rabb specializes in:

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Digestive Issues
Heart disease
Restore Energy
Endocrine Disorders
Chronic Illnesses
Weight Loss
Holistic and Alternative Healing
Chronic Infections


More Specialties:
Building the Immune System
Diabetes Diet Control
Liver and General Detoxification
Chronic Illnesses
Energy Wellness, Prevention and Healing
Nutritional Re-Education
Suppository Chelation

Nutritional and dietary Programs
Hair Analysis
Cranial Sacral Therapy
Pranic Healing
Individual Whole Food Supplemental Protocols
Complete Detoxification
Bioelectrical Energy Modulator
Rife Machine

CHRONIC DISEASES DR. RABB SUPPORTS WITH NATUROPATHY AND NUTRITION:                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
Some of the chronic conditions she supports are obesity, leaky gut and digestive conditions, hypertension and heart disease, high cholesterol, hormonal imbalances, addiction, sleep disorders, anxiety, immune dysfunction, diabetes and obesity, chronic stress, GURD, osteoporosis, gout and arthritis, endocrine imbalances, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, headaches and migraine, cancer, constipation, asthma and allergies.  Rabb also specializes in longevity and anti-aging as the same processes that cause disease also contribute to aging. Inflammation is the bridge that connects chronic disease with aging and this “inflammaging” can be addressed with alternative modalities.  

Located in Plano, Texas serving the Dallas area offering support by phone nationwide. Contact Dr. Sharon Rabb at Dallas Naturopathy.


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