Dr. Sharon Rabb, Holistic Naturopath, Nutritionist, Dallas

About Dr. Sharon Rabb
 Dr. Sharon Rabb is both a Naturopath and Nutritionist with an emphasis in natural holistic healing and Biochemistry in the Dallas metro area.  She earned a Ph.D in Naturopathy, a MpH in Public Health in Nutrition, and a B.S. in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. Dr. Sharon Rabb has worked in education, research and program development in the fields of health education and nutrition. She speaks to groups and organizations on key health issues and various chronic illnesses. Dr. Rabb has over 20 years experience in alternative health care and brings her extensive expertise to teaching healthy life-style skills, naturopathy, and nutrition with a holistic approach.  Dr. Rabb customizes each individual’s program to support their body’s nutritional, biochemical and hormonal balance. She integrates her experience and knowledge in alternative healing into highly successful health strategies to create pro-active programs for each individual. These include nutritional and lifestyle coaching, individual supplement protocols, and energy modalities when appropriate.

Research by Dr. Sharon Rabb
Dr. Rabb researches new naturopathic modalities and integrates these to facilitate optimal health to help support the healing of chronic illnesses. Dr. Rabb has written numerous articles on the alternative healing approach to nutrition and various chronic illnesses. She also teaches individuals how to evaluate various nutritional supplements and make informed decisions about these products.  

From Dr. Sharon Rabb
My practice utilizes natural modalities to maintain and achieve optimal health. During your visit, I will look at the whole person including aspects of your lifestyle and tailor a program just for you. This is an educational and proactive program where we work as a team to facilitate the healing process. I look forward to helping you achieve your health goals holistically and naturally.  Dallas Naturopathy is located in Plano, Texas serving the Dallas metro area.
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