Detoxing Liver-Plano, Richardson, Dallas metro area

Detoxification of the liver is an important aspect of healing. At Dallas Naturopathy, Dr. Sharon Rabb can set up a program for liver detoxification. The liver is the powerhouse in the body that regulates the amount of toxins in the blood and facilitates their disposal in the various organs of elimination. It also produces bile salts that emulsify fats for transport, metabolism and disposal. All of the blood leaving the stomach and intestines passes through the liver unloading not only valuable nutrients but also any chemical toxins from the food and liquids we ingest or the gases we breathe. The internal sources of toxins produced as a result of metabolism also are shunted to the liver to be conjugated for disposal. As the liver becomes stressed a toxic environment begins to develop and problems start to arise. The liver conjugates chemicals and toxins and shunts them to the organs of elimination for disposal. These organs of elimination are the lungs, kidneys, bowel and skin. When the liver becomes over burdened, toxins are not properly conjugated thus setting up inflammatory conditions in your body. Toxins can also come from dead or diseased cells, or from the waste products excreted from all cells.                                                                                                                       
Improperly digested and assimilated foods as well as poor diet can also add to the toxic overload. Toxins in the liver can be acidic in nature and in the attempt to restore pH to normal levels the body's alkaline mineral reserves become depleted thus preventing the liver from functioning properly. Alkalinization is re-mineralization, the body needs alkaline minerals in order to normalize PH and to detoxify. However, mineral supplements used in the re-mineralization process need to be chelated for optimal effectiveness. Lowering the PH with alkaline chemicals does nothing to address the root cause of acidosis which is low reserves of alkaline minerals.                                                                                        

A three week liver detoxification program can facilitate the removal of these toxins giving the individual a jump-start on health and wellness. Inflammation is reduced, PH levels start to normalize, and a general sense of well-being is restored, not to mention the added benefits of weight loss. In addition, a hair analysis can be taken revealing key mineral ratios that give information on the balance of various endocrine glands, a key component for health. For more info on the health of the endocrine system see the articles on.
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